Mini Aussiedoodles!

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We had been raising champion mini aussies for over 12 years when we met our first Doodle. He was amazing, smart and gorgeous. I got to thinking a smaller doodle would be much more suited to most peoples lifestyles and what better cross for the poodle than the wonderful Mini Aussie!

Mini Aussiedoodles come in all the wonderful colors of the Mini Aussie, all the intelligence of both breeds combined but with none of the shedding or allergy problems that some people people have with "fur" dogs. Doodle hair is butter soft, curly or wavy but not as tightly curled as a poodle. Doodles will need to be clipped as their hair will grow like a poodles with very little shedding.

We only raise F1 doodles. Meaning we never cross back to the poodle, ours are always half aussie half poodle. This ensures we get the aussie look with the poodle hair. When you start to breed F2's or F1'bs you start to get the more delicate build of the poodle and less of the aussie look. If you really want more of the poodle hair and look I highly recommend the Miniature Poodle, it is a wonderful breed and behaves like a big dog but in a small dog package. We never use toy poodles as they tend to be nippy and yappy.

Our Mini Aussiedoodles will mature to 13" or 15" with a stocky, sturdy build. They are raised in our home, underfoot, with kids and cats. Temperaments on these guys are outstanding! We choose only the very best of both breeds when breeding for doodles.

We're very proud of our sturdy little guys so if this sounds like a good match for your family please send us an email!

And Yes, merle Doodles can have blue eyes!

We are located in Ontario Oregon and make monthly trips to Reno and Sacramento. We can arrage delivery to Boise or Portland or we can ship to any major airport in the US.

Please start with an EMAIL So I can send pictures and details of each puppy!

Emails will get first priority. My computer is always on!


Cell 775-846-3731 (please start with an email)